My iMac got here today. Pressure!

My new iMac arrived today.  I’m both excited and freaked out.  Excited to have a fancy new toy.  Freaked out because it is an expensive new toy that I will have to justify the cost of by actually putting to use.  My goal with this computer is simple:  make music.  Ten years ago I bought a Boss Br1180 and got into recording.  It was a great machine that was very user friendly.  I made some wonderful songs with it.  It was technologically limiting in certain ways but at the same time those limitations were liberating.  I would spend an entire weekend putting a song together.  That was before I had kids.  Now, with a 4 and a 2 year old, taking huge blocks of time to record is out of the question. Yet i want to keep recording.  Recently I have been doing a lot of acoustic recording.  Just me with guitar and voice.  Nice and simple with instant gratification.  But for the most part that set-up is boring.  I miss power chords!  I like to add other dimensions to a song and I am hoping that Garage Band and the iMac can take me there.  As somewhat of a lo-fi luddite I’ve got some trepidation.  After all, about 6 years ago i thought I’d step it up from the BR1180 so I got a mac laptop and pro tools and it was a bust.  I spent more time troubleshooting with the computer and the program and less time making music.  I’m not sure why I think this time it will be different.  But I do.  I bought an Apogee Duet interface which has not yet arrived.  I considered using Logic but I figured that it would take me down a rabbit hole similar to that of Pro Tools.  So, with the new iMac and Garage Band and the Apogee Duet, I hope to keep it simple and get back to making music.

My goal with this blog is to track my progress and to hopefully be a resource for someone in a similar situation who is looking to get into home recording and wants a similar set-up.  I’ll be your guinea pig.

I chose the gargantuan 27″ iMac because I wanted to see as much of the timeline as possible while working and editing.  When I tried out Pro Tools I used a small laptop screen and the small workspace drove me crazy.  This one is HUGE.  The other thing that drove me crazy about Pro Tools was the MBox interface.  After having used the Boss it was quite a step down.  The Boss had zero latency and the sound that came through the headphones was what the recording sounded like.  Once again, limiting but liberating.  I’m hoping that Garage Band will be the same:  Limiting and liberating.


3 comments on “My iMac got here today. Pressure!

  1. Jeff says:

    I also have a BR1180 and love it, and also have a mac mini w/garage band. I’m
    wondering if I hook up the BR1180 to the mac mini via optical cable can I use that
    as a interface?

    • dereksenn says:

      good question and I wish I were computer savvy enough to answer it but I am not. I use an Apogee Duet as an interface and really like it. Let me know if it works as I wouldn’t mind trying it out too.

      • Jeff says:

        Will do, The new cable to hook it all up comes tomorrow and I’m very excited.
        I’m thinking that, I can’t blow anything up, it’s just light pulses right?
        So it just comes down to if they can communicate with each other. If this works,
        I think I will sort of double my capabilities, everything I can do with the recording
        board, and everything I can do with garage band(which I need to learn GB yet)
        throw in a tube pre and I should be having the time of my life. I’ll keep you posted!


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