The Interface Cometh!

I had to go home for lunch today just so I could behold the interface I had been anxiously awaiting, which had finally arrived.  The Apogee Duet is a beautiful piece of industrial design.  Clean and simple with a single knob that kind of makes you feel like you could control the world with  it.  Of course, I haven’t even plugged the damn thing in yet so I am getting ahead of myself.  I might hate it.  It might be all style and no substance.  A hottie with air between her ears.  But I just have this feeling that she is good looking AND complex.  She is definitely more exciting than the dull, plastic M-box, which was neither style nor substance.  The Apogee jsut looks like it does amazing things.  Now lets see if it acutally does.  But first it’s a parent teacher conference tonight, then farmers market with the kids.  Maybe they will be asleep by 9 and I will have 45 minutes of energy to play around with it before I fall into bed exhausted.


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