The honeymoon is over

It has been one week since the arrival of the computer and the interface.  The initial euphoria has melted away and now I am faced with the task of making some sort of constructive art with this fancy new set up.  So far, I have about 2 minutes of fairly mediocre music.  I asked my wife to come into my lair the other night so I could play it for her.  She sort of shrugged and gave me this look that I translated to “you mean to tell me that you spent all that money and you’ve been down here for hours upon hours and THAT is what you created?”  I hurriedly demonstrated to her how much I had slaved over that measly two minutes of audio;  the background organ, the syncopated drum, the ethereal phaser guitar track, the…You know, so much goddamn thought and effort!!!

Oh well.  Honestly, she is right.  Its pretty boring.  But now I am on a mission to finish this FIRST SONG on Garageband, so now I need to come up with a chorus or something.

I must say though that on the night I called her in, I had a personal revelation.  I hooked up the song to my PA and played it loud.  And to me, it was a reminder of what I love about recording.  There is something about putting in the hard work to piece together a song so that, somewhere down the road, you can press “play” and the song pouring out of the speaker is YOUR creation.  The problem is getting to that point.  And having it sound good.  Up to then it is hard hard work that may very well lead to a terribly forgettable snippet of audio.  Or euphoria!  .  And its like this damn computer program is mocking me, taunting me, saying, “well, you spent the money, you have all the fancy tools and the loops and the instruments and the microphones and the songs and every little bell and whistle at your disposal, so get on with it instead of procrastinating by writing some lame blog entry.”


Having a staring contest with the computer.


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