Oh the Possibilities!!!

Well, I had a chance to put in some very productive time the other day.  Daytime.  The kids were at school.  Nothing like being able to do some recording in the daytime when I have energy and can get lost in it.  And I got a lot of things accomplished.  I messed around with editing a lot.  On my old machine, if I played a lousy guitar track I would have to play it over and over again until I got it just right.  On the one hand this helped my guitar playing and on the other hand it was a long, tedious process.  Now, i realize that I can play a guitar track, flub it, and then spend the next 20 minutes cutting and pasting the shit out of it to make it work.  Maybe not exactly a time saver, but it’s pretty cool.  

I really feel like I have come full circle in my attitude.  I am having fun with the editing process.  Whereas before I scoffed at it as a distraction from the creative process, I now realize that it is part and parcel of the creative process.  For example, in the song I am working on I was trying to formulate a chorus/bridge but to no avail.  At one point, I considered scrapping what I had and starting over completely.  I’m sure this would have worked out had I done it.  I would have come up with something.  But instead I chose to perservere and test different ideas.  It led me to create a blissful little sonic nugget in the chorus that I am very proud of.  The irony is that it kind of makes the rest of the song sound somewhat motononous, whereas previously the chorus was the weak link.  But the reason I was able to create this sonic gold nugget was because I feel like Garageband allows me to implement ideas quickly and efficiently.  If they don’t work I can scrap them.  Or maybe I can keep them around until I find a way to fit them in if I head down another pathway.  My sonic nugget occurred because I started playing with vocal layering and the next thing I knew i had a really nice vocal section with four layers.  It’s only about  3 seconds long, but it was enough of a portal to a brave new world that it thrilled me.  It was not something I ever would have created on the Boss Br1180 because A) there are not enought tracks on the Boss to expiriment in such a way and B) I feel like the GIGANTIC screen I get to work with on Garageband gives me both sonic AND visual ideas for the song, whereas with the Boss I was limited to only sonic ideas.

It has been 11 days since I received my computer and interface.  I almost have a song completed.  Nothing amazing, but definitely a song that never would have been possible without the ability to make it come alive through Garageband.  It is something I can play on the acousitc guitar, but it is a pretty boring song to play live and solo on the acoustic guitar.  But the recording makes it so much more interesting.

I have some mounting criticisms about the program and my interface, but I am far too smitten right now with the possibilities to dwell on the negative.  Oh the possibilities!!!!


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