The Long Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend.  The kids went to bed at 10 tonight (Friday), so this will likely be a protracted evening of blogging and fiddling with audio.

I mixed down my first Garageband song on Wednesday night to get things done in time for my self-imposed 2 week deadline.  I played it for my wife and the original scowl of a couple weeks ago came back.  And I deserved it.  I’ve made enough songs to know when a scowl is deserved and when it is not.  This song deserves a scowl.  It is only 3 minutes long, but it drags out.  The catchiest part is the chorus, which only lasts for about 10 seconds and then the song ends.  But hey, it was a good exercise and I am learning.  Speaking of learning, I’m also learning how to blog and use this fancy wordpress website, so I will try to upload the audio of the song.  I am also taking a “webinar” on Tuesday, June 1 which explains how to use all the features of WordPress.  It is being taught by our friend Heather Mansfield, who gives webinars on a wide range of topics.  Her website is here: As of June 2nd I will be a blogging badass.

At this point I am in dire need of creating something INCREDIBLE in Garageband.  I derive a frightfully large amount of my self-worth from my recordings, and since there has been a bit of a recording dry spell as of late, the self-worth account is heavily into the red.  The new song did not help matters.  Basically, it reminded me of just how much goddamn work goes into recording, and that I had better be doing it for no other reason than for the love of it.  But that is not why I am doing it.  I’m going down the rabbit hole in search of something amazing.   And the only way to find it is to slave away and dig dig dig until you hit it.

I can’t seem to stop tweaking and editing the new song.  This is great from a learning standpoint and it is awful from a “get on with your goddamn life” standpoint.


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