Heather Mansfield and the power of blogging

My wife’s friend, Heather Mansfield, is quite the entrepeneur.   Among other things, Heather consults with non-profits about how to get the most out of sites like facebook, twitter, and wordpress.  Well today I attended her webinar, which was a 1.5 hour tutorial about the benefits of using wordpress.  It was absolutely fascinating.  It is both exhilarating and frightening as to the level at which we, as individuals have the tools to A) create content and B) drive people to that content.  Yes, old news I know, but I have had my head in the sand for some time and I am just getting around to extracting it so bear with me as I experience the oohs and aahs of my new surroundings.

You can sign up for one of Heather’s webinars here http://www.nonprofitorgs.wordpress.com 


2 comments on “Heather Mansfield and the power of blogging

  1. Anna says:

    I’m going to check this out — my friend and I are thinking about moving our blog from Typepad to either WordPress or Blogger… need to do some research, but you like WP?

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