The Oil Oligopoly

I wrote the song “The Oil Oligopoly”  a couple years ago when gas prices were going through the roof and everyone was bitching and moaning about it.  Now, with the BP spill, the song takes on some new resonance.  It is pretty interesting how much whining was going on during the beginning of 2010 about how big and out of control our government is, and then the spill happens and everyone starts whining about how the government is not doing anything.  Which way do we want it?  Americans are such little babies.  I’m an American so I guess that makes me one too.

Anyways, I have a few tweaks to make with The Oli Oligopoly, but I feel like it is my first “success” with Garageband.  A finished song that I am proud of.  And it is once again timely.


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