You don’t know how good you’ve got it

“You dont’ know how good you’ve got it”  is the title to the latest song I am creating on Garageband.  It is a rocker.  I love making rockers.  It is the main reason I got back into recording.  I grew up in the Midwest and all those years spent walking the neighborhood as a paperboy listening to classic rock on my Walkman made quite an impression. 

I wrote “you don’t know…” a few years ago as a total fluke.  I got stuck on a melody and it was one of those songs that just “wrote itself” as they say.  It just spilled out.  It is really fun to play live with my wife on drums and me singing and playing a very loud electric guitar.  It is also fun to play it solo acoustic with harmonica.  Two totally different feels.  When I finish with the rocker I will post both versions for a nice little compare/contrast.

I started the song on Monday because I felt like “The Oil Oligopoly” was more or less finished.  I tend to take the “it’s good enough” approach and move on.  Besides, I had listened to The Oil Oligopoly enugh times that I was getting really sick of it.

As I work more with Garageband (it will be our one month anniversary on Thursday!) the process is becoming more streamlined.  I started this latest song by figuring out how many beats per minute the song should be.  I figured this out by simply playing the guitar part along to a metronome at different beats per minute until I found the right feel.  I settled on 136 beats per minute, which just happens to be the same BPM as The Oil Oligpopoly.

One major discovery with this song has been my distate for the amp modelings in Garageband.  “You Don’t Know” relies on a heavy riff.  I tried the Garageband version of the Fender Twin and got a reasonable result.  But then I tried my real life Fender Deluxe Reverb and i mic’d the amp into a Shure SM 57.  The difference was great.  Just a warmer, fuller sound coming out of a real tube amp.


One comment on “You don’t know how good you’ve got it

  1. triptopine says:

    Are you willing to post one or two songs? They sound cool! Let us check ’em out!
    PS–yep, I agree about the amp thing… I used GarageBand’s amp modelers for so long, but recently got a really nice tube amp and an SM57… whoa…. it’s like day and night!

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