My Subtitled Portuguese Brazilian Movie Star

I have not been writing songs much.  Maybe 4 a year if I am lucky.  But the way it works is pretty simple; enough time goes by to where I get to the point of bursting and that is when I know I have to write a song.  So I get obsessed and within a week I have birthed a new song.  Nothing spectacular but it is SOMETHING.  Well, sometimes it is spectacular.  So about a month ago I went through the birthing process.  It started with writing.  It always starts with writing.  And I typically start by writing dumb, dumb stuff and it is so painful.  And I keep writing dumb stuff.  And then maybe a dumb song forms.  And at first I think it is great because it is the first song I have written in months and I am convinced I am a genius for being able to write such an amazing song on the spot after such a long hiatus of having written nothing.  Then I come to my senses and realize it is a  really really dumb song.  But maybe an idea arises from the exercise and that idea leads to the creation of another song idea, and that vein is mined until something comes together.  Such was the case with this song.  Lots of dumb stuff was written and cast off until I came up with acceptable stanzas.  Then came the music.  And when it was all finished I came into the studio to record a simple acoustic version of what I had written.

The song is about a girl I liked in college.  She would be walking to Luso Brazilian cinema class with a cigarette in one hand and a coffee in the other.  I would walk on the other side of the street and steal glances.   Then we would go into the cinema to watch scratchy, insufferable Bunuel movies.  I finally met her.  She likes astrology.  Click on the link to download:

My Subtitled Portuguese Brazilian Movie Star

I just rearranged my studio. It is cozier.


One comment on “My Subtitled Portuguese Brazilian Movie Star

  1. Anna says:

    Beee-uitiful, Mister Senn. Nothing dumb about it.

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