Keith Richards, 40th birthdays, and playing in a vacuum.

This week seems to be awash in music.  I am in the middle of Keith Richard’s autobiography, which is a great read.  Oh, to be a rich, world-famous junkie guitarist.  And on Saturday we had a party for my wife’s 40th birthday.  It was an AWESOME party.  I set up the PA, created a great playlist, and printed out lyrics to the songs on the playlist with microphones at the ready.  So, when Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film” came on, he or she who had a hankering to sing along with Simon LeBon & Co. could do just that.  Or Dancing Queen, or Rebel Rebel.  It was a total blast.  LOUD music, great songs, maracas, and microphones do a great party make.  Oh, and maybe a little bit of booze too.  And a firepit.  And great friends.  And good lighting.  And a Saturday night.  Anyways, it was a full-on dance party well worthy of a 40th birthday blowout.

And we have this gig coming up on 1/22.  Up until today, we had only practiced a couple of times, and they were both awful practices.   But this morning we practiced at noon and rocked it.  We are hoping to get Butch Boswell, SLO axeman extraordinaire, to sit in on our set and put down some shredding lead guitar.  10 days until the show.  We WILL be ready.  Granted, it is only 1/2 hour and we are the first of three bands which means we will be playing to emptiness, but that is how it has always been and how I suspect it always will be, which is just as well.  If the crowds start to grow I might turn into a rich, junkie guitarist.


One comment on “Keith Richards, 40th birthdays, and playing in a vacuum.

  1. Anna says:

    I am so late to the party, so please tell your lovely wife Happy Birthday from me! The 40’s are wonderful 🙂

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