When do I get the Les Paul I deserve???!!!!

We have a show in less than a week.  And every time we practice my guitar keeps going horrifically out of tune.  It is a cheap Epiphone.  It is the first electric guitar I ever bought.  I got it at Fancy Music in Santa Barbara for about $180.  It has been a great guitar.  But I have always wanted a Gibson Les Paul.  And I ain’t getting any younger. Unfortunately, I do not have an extra $2,500 just lying around during these recessionary times, and there is a lot of debt in line to pay off before I buy such a frivolous item as ANOTHER electric guitar.

I have an Ernie Ball Axis with a very cool sparkly blue paint job (see header photo) that someone gave me in trade for some work I did for them a few years ago, but I never play it.  So I think it is time to post it on E-Bay.  I also have a Fender Jazzmaster that may soon have to go up on the auction block.  These two sales will probably get me about 3/4 of the way to a new guitar.


2 comments on “When do I get the Les Paul I deserve???!!!!

  1. Anna says:

    How’d your gig go?

    • dereksenn says:

      The gig went great. We were in good form. A friend of mine recorded it, so I should have a video clip up soon. Hopefully it will provide documentation of the inebriated gal who came up on stage and tried to kiss Melane while she played the drums.

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