A Crashed Hard Drive

Something far more terrible than the tale of my broken/sprained foot happened about a month ago:  The hard drive in my fancy schmancy new iMac that was barely one year old crashed and burned.  I had been working the night before on a song and came in the next morning to hear the most dreadful sound emanating from my beloved machine.

That afternoon I took my computer into the local Apple store.  The good news is the customer service was fantastic.  The bad news is my hard drive was shot.

I was a complete dumbshit and have no one but myself to blame for what I lost.  I have an external hard drive but I had not backed up my computer for a couple months.  During those two months I had created three AMAZING new songs that were lost forever when my hard drive crashed.  Well, not forever exactly.  I had the good fortune of having put them on a CD to listen to.  But they were not quite finished yet.  They were all about 90% complete.  But that is going to have to suffice. 

Apparently, there is a company you can send your crashed hard drive to and they can recover almost anything.  But it is costly.  So I am not going to do it.  Besides, songs that are 90% complete fit right in with my lo-fi ethos.

Moral of the story:  Back your computer up!!  this was heartbreaking and totally preventable.


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