And now for the broken bone part…

Batman and Diego

A couple months ago I signed up for a 35+ soccer league.  Foreshadowing!!!!  I have been doing a lot of yoga and trail running these days and that can get very very boring.  But it also keeps me out of trouble.  However,  I wanted to do something that involved playing a game and running with abandon.  I had not played a soccer game for several years and, sure enough, after that first game six weeks ago, I felt destroyed.  Not to be deterred, I showed up the next week and strained my achilles tendon so badly that I could not walk for a few days.  Not to be deterred, I showed up for the next couple games as well.  But I had wizened in my old age so i played goalie and kept out of trouble.  Then came the last game of the season.  I was rested and ready.  Five minutes into the game I severely twisted my ankle on a sprinkler head.  I heard a wicked crack.  But i could still walk.  Hell, I could still RUN.  So I did.  For the rest of the first half.  Then, at halftime, I realized that something very bad had happened.  Actually, I knew when it happened that something very bad had happened, but denial is powerful.

So today I sit, 6 days after said accident, with a sprained ankle and a broken tibia.

It has not been all that bad. Sometimes we need to just chill the fuck out, and some of us only do it if we are involuntarily hobbled. Recently, I had been considering going on strike as a parent, just shutting down and letting my 3 and 5 year old fend for themselves. With my new injury I get to do that, but in a far more dignified manner.

I am on crutches. And Vicodin. Life is good.

Perhaps the bst thing to come out of my injury has been my voracious reading appetite. When something like this happens, the best antidote is a great book. I had begun Freedom by Jonathan Franzen a week or so before my accident and once i was couch-bound I devoured the rest of it. I just finished it last night and it ranks up there with the very best things I have every read. In fact, I am so smitten with Mr. Franzen that I immediately started The Corrections last night as soon as I had finished Freedom.

I must say that my kids have been great since my accident.  they have been getting along with each other better and fighting less.  They have actually been HELPING with things.   I am seriously considering feigning a broken foot for the next 9 or 10 years.


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