Broken Bones and Tent Trailers

New Tent Trailer

Yes, there is  reason broken bones and tent trailers have been on my mind.  The reason is because I have both.  The tent trailer came first.  It was a Saturday morning and my son Diego walked in while I was still in bed and asked if we could go camping that night.  I had no good excuse to get out of it so I said we would.  However, I was dreading it because about two months earlier I had sworn off tent camping after one particularly disastrous night at Lake Cachuma with the family.  Well, it wasn’t exactly disastrous.  It was just cold and windy and miserable and my wife and I finally reached the “I’m getting too old for this shit” point. 

We have been looking at tent trailers on Craigslist for a couple years now, but there was never a good time to pull the trigger.  But about 2 hours after my son asked if we could go camping we were in someones garage in Atascadero looking at a used tent trailer and about an hour after that we were driving away with it.  About three hours after that we were camping in it out at Morro Bay.  Hows that for proactive!


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