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The Recording King

I have not been playing out much.  My last show was January 2011.  But last weekend my friends the Treurs had a party and my friend Lucas I and set up our stuff in their living room and busted out a few folk ditties and I had a really nice time.  So I think it is time to book some acoustic shows.  As soon as my leg heals that is.

Also, let it be known that I bought a new guitar this week.  In preparation for camping season, I have been on the lookout for a cheap guitar that I do not have to worry about.  Right now, all I have is my beloved Martin and I do not want to put her in harms way.  So this past weekend I went to Lightning Joes Guitar Heaven in Arroyo Grande, and while Lucas was putting an acoustic PA through its paces (which he eventually bought), I hobbled to the upstairs room where they keep all their cheap acoustics.  Unfortunately, most of them had very old strings on them and sounded dreadful so I did not get one.  Undeterred, and with my singular sense of purpose still intact, I went to Blue Note Music in SLO on Monday and checked out their stock of cheap acoustics.  They didn’t have many, but at least the strings were fairly new and they sounded decent.  They had a line called “Recording King” that I had also checked out at Lightning Joes.  One particular guitar spoke to me, a simple dreadnaught with a solid spruce top and plywood back and sides.  So I bought it.  $249 plus tax.  I have been playing the hell out of it.  Now that I have one, I realize that it is essential to have a cheap guitar lying around the house, one that you don’t have to worry about the kids knocking over or about the sun beating down upon or about getting mango juice on the strings.

I once heard Robert Earl Keen say that it is important to have several guitars, because they all have different songs inside of them.  Granted, if you are Robert Earl Keen then the vast majority of them are probably very nice guitars, and if I were a rich man or a famous Texas troubadour I would surround myself with very very nice guitars.  Alas, I am a pauper and an unknown California troubadour, so plywood will have to suffice. 

Sure enough, last night I unlocked a song from inside my new guitar.  It is about crutches.  If I can spend $250 on a new guitar AND a get a good new song out of the deal, then let the guitar collecting commence…

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