High Sierra Music Festival

We leave early tomorrow for the High Sierra Music Festival. The car is packed and I am really excited. First of all, this will be the first road trip with the kids since last summer. Six hours tomorrow to Nevada City, and then q couple more the next day to Quincy. Then we will be tent camping at High Sierra for 5 nights. This could be really fun, a total disaster, or a combination of the two. Regardless, the line up is great. Gillian Welch on Thursday, My Morning Jacket on Friday, Delta Spirit on Saturday, Ween and Los Amigos Invisibles on Sunday. And lots of amazing acts in between. I hope the kids like it. I hope we like it. I hope this becomes a tradition. Stay tuned, as I will write a lengthy review upon our return after the 4th of July holiday.


Music Festival Marathon

We went to the Live Oak Music Festival last weekend. Over the fourth of July weekend we will be attending the High Sierra Music Festival way up in Quincy, CA. We have been going to Live Oak for several years now and pretty much know what to expect. That has not dampened the fun, as we always have a good time. But I am really excited about going to a festival I have never benn to before. And the lineup is really fantastic. My Morning Jacket, Neko Case, Gillian Welch, Ween, Delta Spirit, Maceo Parket, Los Amigos Invisibles, etc. Wow! High Sierra will have more people, more bands, better bands, more noise, basically more of everything. And I am really really excited about seeing My Morning Jacket.

We will be tent camping at High Sierra and I think we will miss the comforts of the tent trailer, but I am looking forward to being a bit more fleet footed in the car. It would be quite an ordeal to pull that trailer 8 hours, and I am not sure the car could handle it.

I have been deriving a great deal of pleasure over planning and obsessing about these trips. We have not gone anywhere since last summer and now the summer is here and the trips are lined up and I am giddy with excitement. Unfortunatley, my foot has not completely healed and it is driving me crazy. I want to run, dance, do yoga, mow the lawn, chase my kids, etc. and I cannot do any of that. But no big deal. It is summer!!!!

Tent Trailer Madness!

The new tent trailer. Woohoo!

Monday night here at the homestead and the boys just fell asleep. Wife is galavanting up north in the nations most liberal city (SF I believe, which is trying desperately to hold onto the moniker with its anti-circumcision initiative). She was smart. She set up this trip to immediately follow our return from the Live Oak Music Festival, which was this past weekend. I am surrounded by dust, dirty laundry, and hastily packed plastic bins that have yet to be decommissioned. She is surrounded by whatever one chooses to be surrounded by on a Monday night in the USA’s most liberal city. Oh, the possibilities.
Live Oak was quite a success this year. We have been going for several years now. We only took a year off when Diego was 27 months and Charlie was 10 months. Before kids, there was a lot of music watching and hanging out. With kids, it has been madness and the music watching has been pushed to the back back burner of a 1,000 burner stove. But we do not go for the music. We do go for the cameraderie and this year there was plenty. It was so much easier this year since both boys can ride a two wheeler and neither of them are going to randomly wander off if I am not paying attention. Finally, I can kinda sorta relax.

The tent trailer was a heavenly addition to our camping set up this year, since in years past we have either tent camped or used our vanagon. We also christened our new porta-potti, which was a lovely addition to our scene. I recall last year, when Charlie, at a mere 2 years old, insisted on being in the Marborg commode all by himself. I would stand outside the door fretting and praying that he not fall into the fecal soup below. Thankfully, he never did.

I am a cyber shopping whore

In two days I will celebrate the one month anniversary of having broken and sprained my foot. Ah, what a lovely time it has been. The grass in the yard is up to my knees, my muscles are beginning to atrophy, I am going stir crazy, and my wife and kids are anxious to get the old man back. Although ask my wife and she will tell you that a 100% Derek is only a few percentage points more helpful than a gimpy Derek. Ouch. Anyways, I’m giving the healing process another month. Meanwhile, with a new tent trailer sitting in my driveway and a couple trips planned for later this month, I have been keeping myself busy by seeking out all the ‘must have” items on our camping trip. Honestly, I have no idea how sub Saharan African refugees manage without a tire leveler, a battery powered air compressor, a portable toilet, and a 10×10 shade canopy. Yes, I am the proud owner of all these and many, many more items that are slated to arrive on my doorstep over the next week.

I am not a cyber shopper. However, every three or four days, when I come home from work to discover a parcel on the porch with my Wife’s name on it, I think to myself “why don’t I order presents for myself too???!!!” Well, for the next week it is going to be a nonstop muthafuckin’ Christmas/Hannukah extravaganza at the Senn household! Three of the aforementioned items have already arrived, and the portable toilet should be here any day now! And the hammock, and the battery powered fan, and the really cool $20 bandana that can do ANYTHING, and the brake regulator, and the…

Six months ago I was writing blog entries about austerity and erasing debt. And here I am today staring at my new $200 Caravan Displayshade canopy with removable walls. It is a must have!! Even at 23.99% interest. I swear!! As is the portable toilet. As are the battery powered christmas lights and the 9×12 plastic carpet. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the market for RV and camping accessories is booming. It is the first economic indicator that signals a very strong recovery, because it means things are getting better when you are comfortable enough to spend $85 on an RV tire leveler rather than just using 2×6’s from the scrap heap.

In my defense, I have been fairly productive while on R&R. I have read books and magazine articles, and I have played guitar. I have contemplated life and I have barked at my family members from the prone position. But at 10:00 at night, when the Vicodin is peaking and there is nowhere to be other than on the couch resting that foot, the online shopping world is a mighty cozy place to be and the clicking of the mouse to consummate a purchase is about the only way I am able to get any decent exercise these days.