Tent Trailer Madness!

The new tent trailer. Woohoo!

Monday night here at the homestead and the boys just fell asleep. Wife is galavanting up north in the nations most liberal city (SF I believe, which is trying desperately to hold onto the moniker with its anti-circumcision initiative). She was smart. She set up this trip to immediately follow our return from the Live Oak Music Festival, which was this past weekend. I am surrounded by dust, dirty laundry, and hastily packed plastic bins that have yet to be decommissioned. She is surrounded by whatever one chooses to be surrounded by on a Monday night in the USA’s most liberal city. Oh, the possibilities.
Live Oak was quite a success this year. We have been going for several years now. We only took a year off when Diego was 27 months and Charlie was 10 months. Before kids, there was a lot of music watching and hanging out. With kids, it has been madness and the music watching has been pushed to the back back burner of a 1,000 burner stove. But we do not go for the music. We do go for the cameraderie and this year there was plenty. It was so much easier this year since both boys can ride a two wheeler and neither of them are going to randomly wander off if I am not paying attention. Finally, I can kinda sorta relax.

The tent trailer was a heavenly addition to our camping set up this year, since in years past we have either tent camped or used our vanagon. We also christened our new porta-potti, which was a lovely addition to our scene. I recall last year, when Charlie, at a mere 2 years old, insisted on being in the Marborg commode all by himself. I would stand outside the door fretting and praying that he not fall into the fecal soup below. Thankfully, he never did.


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