New video of a new song

First of all let me say that I am so happy to have a new song. It has been a long dry spell.

When I was on vacation in Canada this summer I played a lot of guitar. I played mostly covers and after awhile I got bored playing covers and really longed to sing something new and original. So at the tail end of my trip I started a song which I finished when I got back home, which is tentatively titled “Whoop de Fuckin’ Do” and is an ode to my canoe. But that is not the song in the video below. That song is kind of ho-hum and I got bored with playing it. But the process of working through that song was the springboard that led me to this song. I got the idea for it while hiking, which is where I get ideas for lots of songs and lyrics. I have been hiking a lot lately with no iPod so I can keep the brain free of distractions with the hope that a song appears in my head.

I am not much of a video person. I HIGHLY prefer audio. But I am going to start messing around with video a bit. I just took this on my point and shoot camera. I hung it from the ceiling and pressed record. It is bright, raw, and uncut. Or, in other words, lo-fi. Or, in other words, lazy. The song is called “Hell if I Know”.


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