Storm Large

I got a text a couple nights ago from Todd at SLO Brewing Company asking if I would like to open last night’s show. I had no idea who was playing so I checked the schedule and it was a woman who goes by the moniker Storm Large. I did a quick scan of her bio, and all I learned was that she was a contestant on Rock Star: Supernova, and that she has a video for a song called “my vagina is eight miles wide”. Hmm, interesting. Not like it mattered who I would be opening for. I would have said yes if it was the Dick Cheney speaking tour. A gig is a gig, and I don’t get many so I say yes to them all.

In a sense it was good that Todd only gave me 24 hours notice, since it limited my obsessing over the gig to a mere 24 hours. I was hesitant to say yes at first since I have not been playing a lot, but the alternative would have been yet another Thursday of hanging out at home and putting the kids to bed. A yes meant an interesting evening of playing on stage and meeting Ms. Large. Something different. Something unpredictable. I was in.

I think it was Regina Spektor who said that she still always gets nervous before shows and when the point comes where she does not get nervous she will be worried. Well, I still get nervous before shows too no matter what, but it would be kind of nice if I didn’t. My stomach gets in knots and I need to have a couple beers to calm my nerves. That is how it was last night and I feel like that is how it will always be. At least I know that I have to live with it.

Storm Large, on the other hand, was pure poise. Her show was part cabaret, part stand up comedy, part storytelling, part rock show. She was in absolute command of the room and oozed confidence on stage. It is something I cannot relate to at all and therefore I was in awe. She was simply a great entertainer and put on a really good show. And she had a great voice.

It turns out that she is the fill-in singer for Pink Martini, which is a fairly successful adult contemporary band. Her solo shows are far more raunchy than the more restrained Pink Martini show, which I think is a good thing.
Here is a link to her site

As for my set, I played for 30 minutes to the usual small crowd of unattentive chatterboxes. Not complaining, just reporting. I am used to it. It is actually a good thing, since a room of people paying rapt attention to me would likely make me even more nervous. I like playing to a fairly unattentive crowd because I know there are always a few people out there paying attention to my awesome songs and amazing lyrics. Or at least that is what I tell myself.


2 comments on “Storm Large

  1. Jonathan says:

    Actually the site you linked is a site administered by a friend/fan of hers with some hard to find older material and some random interviews.

    Storm’s site is It has a lot more info about her new book “Crazy Enough”, her recent movie “Rid of Me” and her one woman musical “Crazy Enough” aimed for Off-Broadway in the fall.

    Great review though. You captured all of the things we all love about her and her work.

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