I just updated my Bio

I am not sure who I am anymore. Well, musically that is. I started out as The Wedding Industrial Complex back in the year 2000. The name is long and the Eisenhower reference is lost on everyone. Still I have always liked singer-songwriters who use band names rather than their actual name. In the artistic world, the alias is fairly unique to music. Artists in other mediums typically just use their given name.

Well, a couple years ago I decided to drop The Wedding Industrial Complex and start calling myself El Rey De Lo Fi. But alas, this Spanglish moniker (The King of lo-fi!) was no less confusing. Still, it will lives on as the title of my blog. Then, recently, when I was approached by the owners of SLO LIFE Magazine about the commercial and article I did for them, I had a moment of clarity. As it stands, I am a virtually unknown singer-songwriter. There are people in my hometown who have no idea that I play music. I used to like the anonymity in that I felt it gave me a greater degree of artistic freedom. And at the time I did need as much artistic freedom as I could get as I struggled to find my voice. But now I am comfortable with my persona as a singer-songwriter and there is no reason to hide behind an obscure name. When people read the article who know me as Derek Senn the real estate broker or Derek Senn from high school or Derek Senn the dad from Charlie’s preschool or what have you, I wanted them to see me as Derek Senn the musician. So, for the foreseeable future, my musical persona is now the same as my work persona and my dad persona and all my other personas.

This realization led me to visit the bio I posted on my now rather obsolete band website, theweddingindustrialcomplex.com. It was actually very cool to revisit the bio from that site, which I had not read in years. It was like reading a journal entry about my musical journey. So I took that bio, updated it, added to it, and posted it here on my blog. Be forewarned: it is interminably long. I am the first to admit that the reality of the cyber world is that no one takes more than one minute to read something as trifling as a bio, so best to make it short and sweet. Well fuck that. Here it is…


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