Todd Snider Rules!!

The wife and I went to see my musical hero on Tuesday night at SLO Brewing Company. Mr. Todd Snider is the best. His lyrics are witty and never cliche and he is hilarious. We hung out with Glen Starkey from New Times and he wrote an article about the show, in which we feature prominently. We finally made the society page!


Should I send my son to kindergarten or not?

There is a big debate raging these days about whether or not to send our youngest son Charlie to Kindergarten in the fall. He will be 5 on August 25th, which is apparently young for kindergarten. He is also a very typical boy, in that he is full of restless energy. But he is also a smart kid and he is very social.

As we speak with others on the issue, the overwhelming consensus is to hold him back and send him to kindergarten when he is 6. The strange thing is that I never even thought about it until about two weeks ago. I always assumed we would send him this fall. It was not until his preschool teacher recommended that he stay back that we even considered it.

Apparently, the current trend is to hold kids back, which seemingly gives them an advantage. I suppose that could be the case, but I have a feeling that my son will do fine in kindergarten, so we are leaning towards enrolling him.

The argument for holding him back is that it will not hurt him, whereas enrolling him too soon could make his life more difficult. Time will tell. Feedback is encouraged.