New music I am enjoying

I went to Record Store Day this past Saturday to support Boo Boo records, our local independent record store. It is still there despite the changes in the industry and I hope Boo Boos is there for as long as I am here. I once read a list in Outside Magazine of the things that make a town great. A local, independent record store is one of those things. What in the world does everyone else do now? If I live elsewhere, I guess my choices are either Wal-Mart or iTunes. As a music lover, that is totally depressing. It’s like being a coffee lover and living in North Dakota with nothing but watery truckstop coffee for miles.

I still get an immense amount of pleasure out of buying the occasional CD. And I still buy a lot of things without having listened to them first. Sometimes I strike out but I have been getting some good ones lately. Here are a few:

The Louvin Brothers. Satan is Real. This is an awesome album cover, and the story of the Louvin Borhters is great. They are old school gospel singers with amazing harmonies. Great for a Sunday morning for ironic, non-churchgoing types.

Ryan Adams. Ashes and Fire. Click on the link and you will see that Pitchfork gave it a less than stellar review. OK, so it can be a bit maudlin at times. But Ryan Adams writes great songs and his voice is emotive and fantastic. This set of songs is very mellow and seems to catch him at a moment when life is pretty good, although there is quite a lot of melancholy dripping off of this album. Quiet and beautiful.

Fruit Bats. Tripper. This was recommended to me by a sales clerk and I love it. Another mediocre Pitchfork review, but as far as I am concerned Pitchfork and I have different musical tastes. They go apeshit for hip-hop and I am not all that into it. I go apeshit for Fruit Bats and they are not all that into it.

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