Song Shuffle and Rock en Espanol

Song shuffle on the iPod is so cool because this morning My Michelle by Guns ‘n Roses came on which, of course, needs to be blasted at ear splitting levels. And then right after that came Minina Flor, from Stan Getz and Luis Bonfa’s Jazz Samba Encore, which is one of my favorite albums ever. And then a bit of Salsa from Celia Cruz followed that. I own the best radio station on the planet!

And then there was this weekend, where I found myself on the beach on Saturday night at a very late hour and up popped a great Rock en Espanol song from an Argentinian band called Soda Stereo, so i turned up the iPod as far as it would go. Sorry ears. The song is called De Musica Ligera. If you want to see 100,000 Argentinians going apeshit over the song then check out this video. I remember hearing this song on the radio when I was an exchange student in Ecuador in 1990. It brings back memories…


A New Song called Downhill. It’s Fantastic!!!

I went on a songwriting tear about a month ago and wrote three songs. This is my favorite. Is is supposed to be sung as a duet and when i get it “properly” done it will. But for now this rough demo will have to suffice. By the way, this is the first recording I made using Logic. I bought Logic this weekend as an upgrade from Garage Band. It was a good move. I will ramble on in a later post about why this is since it will bore the hell out of most people. Meanwhile, enjoy my demo of Downhill:

Downhill_5-5-12_ist try


Baby baby you and me we better get some therapy were going downhill
We’re going downhill
Whenever I catch you looking at me you look like you don’t like what you see
we’re going downhill we’re going downhill
The only time you touch me is accidentally
we’re going downhill we’re going downhill
Every time I try to take you on a date you suddenly don’t feel so great
we’re going downhill we’re going downhill
I’m losing hope in us I don’t want to lose hope in us

There’s a white band where your ring wuz are you giving it a suntan becuz
we’re going downhill we’re going downhill
You used to be a sucker for a love scene but now you just say a bunch of cynical things
we’re going downhill we’re going downhill
The money we saved to go to belize is gonna get blown on attorneys fees
we’re going downhill we’re going downhill
I’m losing hope in us I don’t want to lose hope in us

A very musical week

OK, this is why the past week has been very musical:
I started a weekly 3 hour class on songwriting and production, taught by my friend Darren Clarke, at the Modern Music Academy. It is from 6-9 PM on Thursdays, and we are going to work on crafting good demos, which is something I need some work on.
I bought Logic, Apple’s big brother to Garage Band, and I started watching a tutorial on about how to use it, and I recorded my first rough demo of a lovely new song called Downhill, which I will post.
I spent two nights this past weekend playing music, recording music, messing around with Logic, and drinking way too much beer.
I will cap it off tonight by attending a concert of Lindsey Buckingham, the Fleetwood Mac frontman.

There is one thing I could have done to make the week even more musical. This past Sunday, there was a concert about 1/2 hour from my house that featured Los Lobos and X, and I did not go. I did yard work instead. How dumb is that? I LOVE Los Lobos and I LOVE X. Talk about a dreamy double bill. But I came up with some lame excuse as to why I should not go. Dumb dumb dumb. Regret Regret Regret.