It’s only been 6 monthe between posts

Yeah, OK I have been a super slacker. Actually, I have been busting my ass doing things like working, taking care of kids, etc. Still, I have had time to blog, but i lost a bit of gumption after a very non-technological vacation in Canada this summer. Now that I have been back for 6 months and am fully seeped into 21st century techno culture, I am ready to get back on the cyber horse. YEEHAW!

I have been playing guitar and I have written one lousy song in 6 months. The flickering flame is still alive. Oh, and this past weekend my wife and I had two child-free nights and we went hog wild on Saturday night. We brought the PA system upstairs and sang duets until we could sing no more. It was a blast. Music is super fun. Almost as fun as surfing.Mel and Derek


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