And reality sinks in…


After six straight days of running I took a much needed two day break. Then I set off on a 6 miler today at lunch. I felt fantastic and blazed through the first two miles of road to the Felsman Loop trailhead. That was a mistake. Five minutes into the uphill on the trail I bonked. Well, maybe bonk is the wrong word. I just had to walk for a hundred yards to let my heart rate settle. Then it was back to it. So that was a good lesson. I am looking to endure, not win any sprints, so I have to stay within a reasonable heart rate. I struggled again once I completed the trail and got back on the road and I quit a few hundred yards from my house. I am really trying to work on my technique of a mid-foot strike and that is difficult. Now here I sit, back at the office, feeling destroyed rather than refreshed. Not what i was hoping for.

By the way, I am trying a vegan diet, which I began 5 days ago. The first day I actually ate all raw food, and I have been eating all plant-based foods since. Lots of spinach, quinoa, potatoes, almond milk, and fruit. And Beer. Fortunately, that is plant based. I actually feel great. No heaviness, and I think it is making me stronger. I am going to try to keep eating vegan for as long as I can. I used to eat a vegetarian diet in my twenties when I was doing a lot of intense exercise and it worked out just fine. I am glad to be back to it.

Last night I started reading Eat and Run, the new book by ultramarathoner Scott Jurek. He is a vegan eating a plant based diet, so it is very motivating. So far the book is great. There are lots of good recipes and helpful training anecdotes.

Tomorrow I will rest and stretch in order to prepare for a long run the next day (Saturday). I think I will shoot for 13 miles.

By the way, today was overcast, muddy, and a bit drizzly. Those conditions made for a beautiful, empty trail and great smells in the air. Still lots of sweat. I need to find a hat I can wear that absorbs my sweat and wicks it down my back. It’s a tough thing to find.



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