Running While Vegan

It was three weeks ago yesterday when I bought a new pair of Brooks Pure Flow shoes, took off on a 6 mile run, and decided to get in shape for the San Luis Obispo Marathon on April 7th. Four days after that I decided to try a raw food diet for the day. I ate a lot of potatoes and almonds. And from that point on I have been eating a vegan diet. It will be 3 weeks on Sunday, and I have no immediate plans to stop. I feel like I am more energetic, slimmer, and healthier. Basically, I see no downside. Well, there is of course the downside of no meat, cheese, dairy, etc. but it really has not been all that bad. Mainly, I have become so much more conscious of what I eat and therefore I am eating better. When you have the freedom to eat whatever you want then you sometimes eat whatever you want. Eating Vegan forces me to think about putting healthy meals together. I am eating a lot of tempeh, quinoa, broccoli, grilled vegetables (fennel, brussel sprouts, potatoes), and salads. To some people this sounds like pure, miserable torture. To me it is empowering.

It is very odd how nasty people get when they find out you are eating vegan. I do not know why this is. Maybe they think all vegans are self righteuos assholes. Maybe they realize a meat-based diet has major planetary issues and they feel threatened by someone who does not participate in that. Maybe they just think veganism is totally lame. I do not know. However, it is irrefutable that a vegan based diet is better for the planet. I found out that simply by not eating meat for a year it is the equivalent in carbon offsets of selling my 20MPG car and driving a hybrid. There are also several other fascinating anecdotes that I will not get into at this time. Suffice to say, it is the path I have chosen and I plan to walk it for awhile. Apologies to my meat loving wife.

Oh, and I technically cannot call myself a vegan. I am wearing a leather belt. And leather shoes. And I eat honey. And a week ago I had a tempeh shepherds pie with butter in the ingredients. And yesterday I ate a bowl of soup with a chicken based broth. Bad vegan.


2 comments on “Running While Vegan

  1. Brittany says:

    I’m a vegan, and I run and I have found eating vegan makes me feel SO much better. I was a vegetarian for 6years and have been vegan for about a year now. I don’t run marathons, but I run half marathons and I have been 100% vegan for each and every race I have run and long distance I have run. My boyfriend is a vegan too, he has recently started a vegan running blog if you’re interested, you should check it out. He doesn’t have many posts yet..but he is wanting to really emphasize on the benefits and possibilities of vegan running!

    happy running!

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